Catherine Dumont de Chassart


Catherine Dumont de Chassart


Since I stated my career, I have worked with great pleasure as a teacher, an advisor, a sparring partner, a coach and a trainer for quite some time now. After attending different management development and communication trainings, I have discovered that I am thoroughly interested in people’s history and people’s behaviour in relation to corporate developments.
Meanwhile, I have been trained in the fields of leadership development as well as interpersonal effectiveness. Being a trainer and a coach, I enjoy the dynamics of encountering and teaming up with many different people worldwide, in many different contexts. Their trust, their strength and their honesty have all inspired me. They are my teachers.
From growing up in Belgium, to having lived, worked and/or extensively travelled in the United States, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and currently living in the Netherlands, I have absorbed cultures from all over the world. I have always been curious about the world out there and tie everything I discover on my trips to all kinds of places into my work.

After over fifteen years successfully leading strategy projects in the management consulting industry, I have learned how to blend my people skills with my business sense; it inspires me to support leaders to create meaningful impact.
As an executive coach, I have learned what it takes to become a true leader and I remain passionate about unlocking this creative potential in others, supporting people in finding their purpose to taking courageous action towards it, and on their way naturally attracting enthusiastic, dedicated followers.
As a trainer and facilitator, and as I am genuinely interested in the drive, passion, fears and creativity of leaders, I enjoy supporting them in their search for their beliefs, their (surviving) strategies and their sense of authenticity. All that will contribute to their personal growth. And to the development of their personal contribution to the mission of the company they have chosen to join forces with.

Since 1882, I live in the Netherlands with great pleasure. In my free time, I enjoy sea sailing with my husband on our lovely little classic sailing boat Eenhoorn. As well as singing in an opera choir or cooking large meals for friends and family.

Examples of recent Assignments

  • eVision: (2016 -)development of leadership within the transitional context of the company: from startup towards a global company.
  • Alstom Transport (2015 -): director of the leadership development programme designed for the future top leaders at Alstom worldwide.
  • Nord Stream (2013 -), Zug, Zwitserland: coaching members of the Management Team in transition.
  • Alstom Global (2012- ) in association with de Baak: leading the international team of trainers; designing and delivering a tailor made leadership development programme in India, China, Brazil and the Middle East, for the future leaders of Alstom, most of them coming from the BRIC-countries.
  • Fujifilm Europe, Düsseldorf, Germany (since 2010- ) in association with de Baak: designing and facilitating a tailor made leadership programme for senior business managers from different European countries.
  • Libridis (2011), Antwerp, Belgium: co-design and animation of a two-days reflection on strategy and team process.
  • GDF-Suez, Paris, France (2010): analysing processes and implementing changes within the Direction des Achats.
  • Maersk Oil, Denmark/Norway (since 2009- ): supporting leaders and their teams towards new challenges. Coaching of various senior executives on (personal) leadership development.
  • – Vanden Borre, Brussels, Belgium/Kesa Group, UK (2008-2010): implementing and anchoring values; developing a culture in movement.

Professional Experience

2010- current : Owner CDC Co-active coaching & Leadership Training
In association with De Baak Belgium, One Consultancy, Cross Fertilization: design and facilitation of MD programmes
Needs analysis, learning objective definition, programme development and design, management and faciltation of in-company management development programs.
1994 – 2010:    Consultant
Supporting companies in the choices to make, in the implementation of their strategy and their values.
1982 – 1994:    Advisor
Supporting teams to adapt and deal with change.

Expertise/Major fields of intervention

  •     Training and Coaching

– Conception, design, animation and evaluation of courses, workshops and training tools about Leadership Development;
– Management of international Leadership Development programmes, from design to evaluation;
– Coaching and/or mentoring leaders around behavioural, organisational, technical and/or personal issues;
– Coaching teams in times of transition, change and/or conflicts;
– Facilitating and moderating peer supervision sessions between leaders.

  •     Consultancy

– Consultancy in strategic fields (strategy, communication, alliance management);
– Contribution to the development and implementation of management by values and management of change;
– Analysis and/or development and implementation of management strategies and processes


Business Courses / Workshops / Additional Education

2014 – 2015        Deep Democracy – Myrna Lewis/Jitske Kramer: levels I, II and III
2013 – 2014        E-coaching, Masterclass, Level II
2012            Gifts Compass Inventory – Jungian based testing
2012            Re-discovering leadership development, (Toronto, Ontario)
2012            Introduction to Transactional Analysis (Phoenix, Utrecht)
2011            Co-active Coaching: Fulfillment, Balance, Process, Synergy (ICF accredited)
2010            Co-active Coaching: Fundamentals – ORSC: Fundamentals
2007, 2008 and 2009    Aspects of Leadership Development: designing creative programs, Devon, UK
2005                De Professional als Coach, De Baak
2002                Training Multi-Cultural Teams (Media Academie)
1999 – 2000        KIM (Communication, Interaction & Management), H&L
1993 – 1995        Management and Communication, PAO Leiden
1980 – 1990        Various workshops and courses on training (Kolb, Leary, Goleman, Johari)
1975 – 1976        Bechtel Junior Business School, California (associated to Stanford University)


Love, Empathy, Humour, Autonomy, Courage, Creativity, Result, Energy, Generosity;
Leadership, Presence, Coaching, Personal Development, Team Effectiveness, Change, Dynamics

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