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Who Are We?

Cross Fertilization

Is an international platform of executive coaches offering their experiences and their competencies to multinational companies and organisations.
We energize people to face constant changes, to succeed ambitious challenges and to reach sustainable results.
We work on the development and the implementation of the necessary attitudes for authentic leadership, assertive communication, trustful relationship and strong commitment.
We are proud to build strong partnership and long term relationship with our customers

Our Vision

“It’s all about people’s attitude”

Cooperation is the necessary condition to obtain the best of a person, a team, an organisation.
Cooperation is much more than collaboration. It requires a real capacity to influence  attitudes.
Attitudes are mostly lead by our emotions. Developping the appropriate ones comes from inside of People.
By contributing to the well-being and the performance of people we strongly believe that emotional intelligence has real leverage.

Our Mission

 “To unlock the potential of people and their intra and interpersonal emotional intelligence »

That energizes people, boosts authentic leadership and enhance cooperation.

Through individual coaching, team coaching, team building, interactive workshops, culture change programmes, collective intelligence sessions and trainings.

Our Values

We genuinely walk the talk with graciousness, acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses in a continuous process of improvement.
We act ethically respecting the absolute necessary confidentiality of our contacts and missions.
We don’t have the solutions. We have the capabilities to facilitate people to find their own solutions and to unlock their potentials.
Joy-Well Being
Only positive energy can generate more positive energy. It’s joyful to empower people and to enhance their well-being.

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