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Clarification Of The Strategy


All our interventions start with preparatory meetings and intake interviews with a representative panel of the company/organisation’s stakeholders.

We empower people to align the organisation’s corporate vision with its local and specific objectives, and to adhere to this vision by helping them to answer the question: what’s in it for me?




Individual Coaching: Empower your authenticity, your autonomy and your energy through:
Individual coaching courses: face-to-face coaching sessions (off site) of 90 min/each.

Team Coaching: Empower cooperation, autonomy, energy of a team through:
Team coaching courses: residential workshops of 2 to 3 days with follow up sessions every few months

Team Building

Increase the maturity level of a team by working on the coherence and the cohesion of the team through a

7 step process:

Develop the individual consciousness   –  Dare to express your own feelings  –  Be open to other people feelings  – Encourage and multiply collective experiences  –  Stimulate changes through feedbacks and define commitments  – Recognize improvements and changes in attitudes  –  Respect of the commitments and achievement of tangible results

Interactive Workshops

Our tailor made interactive workshops are built on the “Lominger principle”:
We learn 70% through experience & practice, 20% through conversations and exchanges with others, 10% through formal methods.
We work on the « HOW »

Authentic Leadership
Conflict Management
Emotional Intelligence

Culture Change

Cross Fertilization : Interchange between different cultures or different ways of thinking that is mutually productive and beneficial.

We believe that « culture » makes sense once corporate values exist through each individual’s behaviour and are transposed in each function.
Therefore we develop tailor made “behavioural development courses” that facilitate change and develop a base for a « new » culture.
Beyond multicultural management the real challenge is to integrate DIVERSITY.
We work on the principle of the « relational autonomy »: We empower people to build trustful relationship and to blend differences and complementarities.


Collective Intelligence

How to get out of “the silos” and generate a “cross fertilization process”?
Collective intelligence strongly contributes to the shift of knowledge and power from the individual to the collective (1+1=3)
We facilitate large group dialogue and brainstorming through diverse formats:
o    World café
o    Open space
o    etc.




Train the trainer: Develop your ability to facilitate interactive meetings, workshops, and presentations and to train people with a real transfer of knowledge and competencies.

– Assertive communication: Develop your capability to express yourself with self-awareness and impact. Give and receive feedback. Adapt your communication to each person and take care of all emotional aspects.

– Authentic Leadership: Develop the ability to build a strong zone of influence with high emotional intelligence, in full alignment with yourself, and communicate who you are. Energize and motivate people to embrace important challenges and to reach ambitious results.

Emotional intelligence: Understand the emotional brain’s way of working, what’s an emotion and the impact on the capacity of perception and thinking and on an individual’s behaviour. Develop deep empathy and trusting relationships. Master your energy and boost people’s positive energy.

– Manager Coach: Develop the art of questioning and let people grow through the capacity to empower them to find their own solutions.

– Change management: Understand change in all its dimensions. Develop “transition management” and the necessary attitudes that facilitate change. Set up an adapted steering organisation and empower people in all the change phases.

– Negotiation: Develop a strategic vision of negotiation and master the tactics and the right attitudes. Build three levels of added value: relational, operational and financial.


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